Praxis of ORL: 8 (1)
Volume: 8  Issue: 1 (2020)
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The knowledge level of Turkish medical faculty undergraduates about oral cancers: A survey study
Pages 1 - 5
Mustafa Çelik
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The effect of open technique septoplasty on quality of life
Pages 6 - 11
Kerem Sami Kaya, Bilge Türk, Alican Çoktur, Senem Kurt Dizdar, Suat Turgut
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The prognostic value of neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio and platelet to lymphocyte ratio in patients with Bell’s palsy
Pages 12 - 16
Okan Parmaksız, İmran Aydoğdu, Onur Arıdaşır, Ali Alper Bayram, Zeynep Aydoğdu
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Our skin prick test results in patients who applied with allergic rhinitis symptoms in Alanya district and its surrounding South Mediterranean area
Pages 17 - 21
Caner Şahin
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Evaluation of vertigo patients in terms of psychosocial factors
Pages 22 - 28
Ferda Şule Kaya, Bilge Türk, Suat Turgut
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An in vitro evaluation of tensile strength of synthetic sutures used in nasal surgery
Pages 29 - 34
Nevzat Demirbilek, Mustafa Çelik, Cenk Evren
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The role of weather in idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss
Pages 35 - 40
Volkan Sunter, Ela Araz Server, Özgür Yiğit, Ali Rıza Gökduman
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Do blood groups have any effect on prognosis of sudden sensorineural hearing loss?
Pages 41 - 46
Tolga Kırgezen, Nihal Seden, Esra Misir, Özgür Yiğit
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Giant epidermoid cyst in the submandibular region: Case report
Pages 47 - 50
Ismail Çevik, Fatih Yücedağ, Burcu Sanal Yılmaz
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Tonsillectomy with BiZact: Impressions from four cases
Pages 51 - 55
M. Mazhar Çelikoyar, Erkan Aktan
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Cheek metastasis of a gastric adenocarcinoma: A rare case
Pages 56 - 58
İrfan Kara, Kerem Kökoğlu, Ender Doğan, Seher Darakcı, İmdat Yüce, Sedat Çağlı
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