Praxis of ORL: 11 (3)
Volume: 11  Issue: 3 (2023)
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Evaluation of treatment results of oral cavity tumors with the University of Washington Quality of Life Questionnaire
Pages 73 - 78
Melis Ece Arkan Anarat, Ayşe Enise Göker, Ömer Kumaş, Tolgar Lütfi Kumral, Elif Aksungur, Yavuz Uyar, Cem Çelik
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Evaluation of awareness of oral cancer and oral premalignant lesions in dentistry students: A three-center study
Pages 79 - 86
Sefa Çolak, Mustafa Sami Demirsoy, Aras Erdil, İbrahim Erdim
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Opinions of hearing-impaired individuals about social media: A preliminary study
Pages 87 - 95
Deniz Tuz, Erva Değirmenci Uzun, Emine Ayça Ödemişlioğlu Aydın, Serpil Alluşoğlu
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Our results of hearing screening in newborns
Pages 96 - 100
Hakan Dağıstan, Büşra Nur Coşan, Ceyhun Cengiz, İlknur Haberal Can
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Effects of different cognitive functions on acoustic voice parameters in young adults
Pages 101 - 108
Mümüne Merve Parlak, Merve Sapmaz Atalar
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Investigation of the effect of endolaryngeal vocal cord surgery on voice level and life quality of patients
Pages 109 - 113
Murat Sertan Şahin, Hilmi Cem Kaya
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Analysis of foreign bodies in the ear, nose, and throat in pediatric patients: Second level hospital experience in the Eastern Anatolia Region
Pages 114 - 120
Gamze Öztürk Yılmaz, Gökhan Yılmaz
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Turkish validity and reliability study of the benign paroxysmal positional vertigo diagnostic scale
Pages 121 - 131
Busra Dirik, Gulce Kirazli, Mehmet Fatih Ogut
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Cardiovascular surgery perspective on carotid body tumors: Retrospective study
Pages 132 - 137
Ayhan Müdüroğlu
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Can YouTube be used as a source of information for swallowing disorders in individuals with dementia?
Pages 138 - 144
Mümüne Merve Parlak, Cansu Yıldırım
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The effects of regular physical activity on functional balance skills and life quality in elderly individuals
Pages 145 - 151
Zehra Aydoğan, Banu Baş
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